Adaptive design.

Layout and content respond to view.

Adapt dynamically.

Today's multi-device, multi-browser, multi-screen size audiences mean web pages and content need to respond to display clearly and efficiently. From desktop to mobile device content and layout changes to best fit the view.

The huge growth in mobile device web browsing means web pages have to respond to the mobile screen sizes and orientations to look their best.

Adaptive web layout running on ComPonentS repositions and changes content dynamically depending on the browser viewing it.


adaptive page layout and content
adaptive page layout and content
a 18 pixel high spacer

The page adapted to landscape orientation on an iPhone.

Viewing on a desktop?

Narrow your browser window...

...down there in the right hand corner, and watch the page adapt and the content respond to the change of width - dynamically!

The content will reposition, the images will resize, and the layout will reflow to stay clear and legible right down to mobile browser widths.