Web publishing

Publishing systems, adaptive design, web applications.

Publish dynamically.

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Using our custom built, fully featured Content Management System, CompoNentS you can publish, edit and update content on your website quickly and efficiently.

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Administered easily through your web browser CompoNentS tools allow users with no knowledge of web programming languages to create and manage their own website content.


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Adapt dynamically.

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Today's multi-device, multi-browser, multi-screen size audiences mean web pages and content need to respond to display clearly and efficiently. From desktop to mobile device content and layout changes to best fit the view.

The huge growth in mobile device web browsing means web pages have to respond to the mobile screen sizes and orientations to look their best.

Adaptive web layout running on ComPonentS repositions and changes content dynamically depending on the browser viewing it.

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Developed dynamically.

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web applications developed dynamically

Custom development of web applications ranging from all aspects of the development and infrastructure for our cloud-based subscription mobile app service through to flickr integrations publishing online image galleries.