Mobile apps made easy

Assisted development

Develop & publish quickly

...without becoming a developer

A Spot Specific account with Assisted Development means you can develop the apps you want, in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.

Assisted development means we can develop bespoke features for you while you use a Spot Specific Maker account to set-up and organise your app using all the in-built tools, features, functions and styling.

We will then publish your apps to Google Play and the App Store for smart phone and tablet.

Poetry Auto Cue

Recital autocue with user-variable speed settings for a poetry app.

Mandarin Audio Quiz

Quiz generator with audio, used here for Mandarin language learning.

3 android app

Server-side support and integration for adverts and user analytics.

Mobilise your content

Digitise your assets

Using Spot Specific or our Components web publishing system to organise your assets - you can publish smart phone and tablet apps to Android and iOS.

iPad Layout

Layouts adapt to device, viewport and orientation.