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Mobile web.

Adaptive layout in iPhone
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The huge growth in mobile device web browsing means web pages have to respond to the mobile screen sizes and orientations.

Adaptive web layout running on ComPonentS repositions and changes content dynamically depending on the browser viewing it.

Web pages and content on mobile devices need to respond to display clearly and efficiently. Content and layout changes to best fit the view. More on adaptive design...

Mobile apps.

3 android app
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Assisted Development

A very cost effective way to develop your app. We can help you use Spot Specific to develop and publish your app. You input your content using the system and we are there to give a helping hand.
Input once and output for iPhone and Android.

Full Development

Maybe you just want us to develop your app for you. We can do this using Spot Specific to dramatically cut development time and costs.

Publish yourself!

build beautiful apps with spotspecific
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spot specific

What is it?

Spot Specific is a mobile app authoring cloud service. It has been designed from the ground up for ease of use and flexibility, so you can easily marshal assets, functions and interactions into sophisticated mobile apps in minutes.

spot specific

Who is it for ?

Everyone wants to publish mobile apps. And now there’s a way for web content professionals, educators, designers and more to publish real native apps, cross-platform, fast. No need for developers, programming, complicated SDKs, or expensive hardware.

spot specific

How does it work ?

Spot Specific is the only solution which puts you in control of your apps, from start to finish. You can design, test, extend and publish apps to popular app stores from a single environment - from anywhere you have a web browser.